VCare has provided me an excellent opportunity to work under the guidance of experienced mentors who having expertise in process design field. Also, company provides very good opportunity to young engineers to showcase their talent & skills. Work life in VCare is very well balanced where I can continuously learn new things and simultaneously also share my inputs and ideas without any hesitation. I found the working experience in VCare very valuable which will help me to grow in my professional carrier.

Mehul Chunara | Process Design

Every engineer wants to work in company having challenging jobs to utilize & enhance knowledge and capability. VCare had provided such platform where I had worked for more than 9+ years happily. Company had given opportunity to serve as an Engineer, as a as Originator, Checker, Approver, Visiting plant site, Supervisor, in different vertical like Engineering, Fabrication and EPC projects for different industries viz. Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, Renewable energy etc

Dipak Mistry | Design & Project management

I feel happy to say for VCare there is lots of knowledge in this premises. Valuable and knowledgeable persons are here for give lots of knowledge as per discipline. VCare premises have wonderful atmosphere for their employees. As per my side I Acquire lots of knowledge from my all-valuable seniors. I have freedom to give my ideas. Most valuable thing is in VCare gives freedom to celebrate festivals & cultural activities.

Devang Mistry | Design & detailing – Static equipment

I have been with VCare for more than a decade now and has been involved in total product cycle including planning, sub-contracting, manufacturing, quality, dispatch, and other coordination and management aspects. As an organization VCare is like a family and because of the same I have been able to grow double folds in terms of professional as well as personal aspects. The senior management team is supportive and encourage freedom of expression and working.

Kurnit Patel | Project, Planning and Control

Working with an organization like VCare helps you in getting a thorough knowledge from the basics of the engineering aspects. I have been fortunate to get in touch with various engineering, manufacturing, and quality aspects during my journey with VCare and the same has helped me to make myself better in all the aspects.

Sanjay Vasiya | Manufacturing and sub-contracting

I am associated with VCare with an endeavour to strengthen my own knowledge and to support the organization in engineering services and management requirements. Based on my work experience till date, I have found the work environment happening and encouraging. Not only the management, but the colleagues also who are part of this journey with me are resourceful and energetic.

Manoj Amritkar | Process plant engineering and order management

Being part of finance and accounts in an engineering industry normally brings immense pressure on an individual for matching two ends in terms of financial aspects; however, in VCare I have been working without any undue pressure and by virtue of relentless support of senior executives I am able to carry the responsibility with required perfection.

Vikrant Mehta | Sr. Officer – Finance & Accounts

VCare provides a healthy environment to the employees in carrying out their responsibilities without any unnecessary work pressure and by arranging various celebrations on different occasions we are working as a family and enjoy the work-life balance through the same.

Kamlesh Patel | Proposals and projects management

With VCare working, I am finding my own value and can work with required enthusiasm and enjoy the life also.

Jay Shah | Financial Analyst

“I am associated with VCare for over more than a year & have enjoyed & appreciated the Priorities, insight & culture. I am surrounded by diverse team who all are intelligent & friendly people. Working environment is such where person can develop & make a difference. VCare is a Company that operates with Positive Attitude & has its primacies right. They care about their Customers, Vendors & Employees and work considerably & competently to succeed. Respect, care & excellence are qualities that exude from the top and flow throughout the rest of the Company”

Monika Haseja | Manager – Finance

I am part of this company for some time; however, the work culture, employee engagement and support system are very encouraging here and due to this I have been able to get acquainted with various aspects of design and detailing in the industry.

Chirag Mulchandani | Structural design

I am associated with VCare since more than six years and have worked in various engineering areas. On account of the involvement from the ground level, I have been fortunate to get knowledge of various engineering aspects and also, I have been able to perform the work with zeal.

Aakash Shah | Piping Design