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VCare Engineering – Enablement Partners of VADICT Inc. USA

VCare has exclusive partnership with VADICT Inc. USA for world-wide implementation of VADICT’s IIoT platform and IIoT hardware.

Vadict Innovations, India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vadict Inc. USA, a Silicon Valley based IIoT pioneer which has combined the power of IIoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop state-of-the-art VADICT Enterprise IIoT Platform.

In line with Government of India’s Make-In-India drive, VADICT Innovations, an Indian company, provides excellent opportunity to promote home-grown IoT capabilities for process industries.

VADICT is a versatile Industrial IoT platform, which can host a range of IoT enabled applications relevant for industrial use. The platform works as an intermediate layer between company’s Operations Systems (e.g. DCS, SCADA, PLC etc.) and IT systems (e.g. ERP, Fleet Management etc.).

Vadict digitizes, automates and interconnects all company assets, co-relates with informational data (ERP, EMS, etc.) and contextual data (FOREX, Weather, etc.), enriches the data with intelligent algorithms, and augments this information with our deep-industry expertise to create business solutions. Vadict is built using latest advancements in IoT, smart sensing, data science, data security, mobile and cloud computing. We are confident that this solution will immensely help to any organization / company in reducing unplanned equipment downtime and increasing plant productivity.

IIoT applications for Process Industries - VADICT have developed following proprietary applications, which are ready to deploy with necessary customization as per specific customer needs -

  • Asset optimisation and performance enhancement
  • Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Health Monitoring
  • Water Management
  • Energy Management
  • Sustainability GRI Reporting (Global Reporting Initiative from United Nations)
  • Smart PowerGrid Management

IIoT enablement provides following tangible benefits during initial years of implementation -

  • Energy usage optimization, enabled by equipment level online sensor-based monitoring and benchmarking of energy consumption
  • Maintenance efficiency, as measured by reduced downtime and lower maintenance cost
  • Improved quality management
  • Better surveillance

As technology is absorbed, following high impact benefit are realized by an organization -

  • Improved decision making, aided by machine learning of organization wide operational data
  • Artificial intelligence by automating decision making for ‘error prone’ and ‘difficult to execute’ jobs
  • Increased real-time transparency of data

Webpage Link for Vadict: WWW.VADICT.COM