Value Engineering

Plant Engineering

VCare undertakes Design & Engineering services for routine, specific, distinctive and specialized modification in process plants for its clients as below:

De-bottlenecking of Existing Facilities

Safety Improvement Initiatives

Modification for Technology Upgradation

Process Improvements for Cost, Energy, Emissions Reduction

Process Integration with Addition of Assets

Process Automation and Digitization

Energy Saving, Energy Conservation and Performance Enhancement

Energy Saving - Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Operations

VCare supports its customers to improve shell & tube exchangers performance by adopting a systematic approach by:

Field Inspection & Walkthrough Surveys

Performance Analysis

External Corrosion & Pitting

Load Calculations

Noise Levels

Thermal Rating

Tube Bundle Analysis

Vibration Analysis

Lifetime Support Services for Critical Heat Transfer Equipment

VCare Heat Transfer Experts can suggest and implement graded solutions from least cost upwards to meet process cooling needs in the most optimum manner vis-à-vis available financial resources.

Our domain experts and experienced engineers led by committed technocrats provide efficient seamless solutions at competitive costs.

Performance Enhancement - Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Customers are benefitted with VCare’s years of experience in this field in addition to expert services from its technology partner Hudson Corporation USA

Performance enhancement and energy saving can be achieved by:

Base Line Performance Analysis by

Performance Enhancement by

Health Check

Improved Reliability and Availability

Power Consumption and Optimization

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Heat Load Calculations


Performance Enhancement - Direct Fired Heaters

VCare has partnered with direct fired heaters’ global leader Born Canada to provide VCare’s customers world’s best services in this field.

Reduction in Emissions

Improvement in Operational Performance

Enhancement in Fuel Efficiency

Auditing Services for Energy Conservation

Avoidance of Flame Impingement

Engineering Solutions for Performance Enhancement