Sustainability and Innovation

Our Aim

At VCare, we have embedded sustainability deep in our values which is reflected both in terms of the way we operate as a Group and in terms of the projects that we deliver. With amalgam of our technical expertise, diversified team and a committement to explore new dimensions of businness, we are working towards creating a shared value worldwide.

According to the United Nations, sustainability (the UN's Brundtland commission popularized the term in 1987), is defined as "Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." True Sustainability is when everyone, everywhere can meet their basic needs forever. Two basic resources which play an important role as far as sustainability of future generations will depend on are Water and Energy! Without water and without energy, future generations will lead to unsustainable life. VCare has identified these exact two resources as its prime focus to contribute toward sustainability in its efforts in the field of its services to industries. In addition to Solar Systems and Effluent Treatment Plants which VCare offers for its customers to move forward towards sustainability. VCare rightly enables its customers to further improve its carbon foot-print by making its activities more eco-friendly and more sustainable by supporting its activities iin 6 out of United Nation' 17th sustainable development goals.

VCare's 4P Model for Sustainability

At VCare, we believe in creating a shared value. Our approach to sustainability draws idea from the widely accepted Triple Bottom Line (TBL) approach of People, Planet, Profit and adds the fourth element, the Purpose. We believe that Purpose is the bonding agent between the People, Planet and Profit. Our 4P model hence represents are committement towards creating a better world and resonates values of our company.

VCare 4P Model for Sustainability

Various of our projects that have contributed our small share to sustainability are as below -

Solar Thermal Installations

Project Location Technology Energy Saved (mkcal/day) CO2 Emission Reduction (MT/year) Equivalent Cost Saving (USD/year)
Solar Thermal Plant Dubai CPC 125 520 20,000
Solar Thermal Plant Kandla, India CPC 30 125 5,000
Solar Thermal Plant Ludhiana, India CPC 60 325 12,000
Solar Thermal Plant Various Locations CPC 275 1125 40,000

Wastewater Management

80% of wastewater is released to the environment without adequate treatment and 16% of the global freshwater extracted from the environment is dumped as industrial wastewater. This has contributed to world water crises and has also led to various health and safety threats to the society and the environment.

At VCare, we understand the value of water and hence are solving the issues of industrial wastewater treatment with our "Plug and Play" Effluent Treatment Plants. Our modularized and containerized systems provide affordable, scalable and easy to maintain effluent treatment. By 2020, the market for industrial water treatment technologies is predicted to grow by 50% and we see an immense opportunity in this field that can create a shared value.

Few of our projects have resulted in VCare contributing to the treatment of toxic effluent thereby purifying the polluted water for recycling and reusage -

1 Million Litres per Day Capacity Effluent Treatment Plant in Gujarat, India.

60,000 Litres per Day Capacity Plug-n-Play modular Effluent Treatment Plant in Ghana, Africa