Solar Thermal Systems on EPC Model

VCare uses following solar technologies to power its Solar Thermal Plant offering -

Reflectors and Evacuated tube collectors - CPC - Compound Parabolic Concentrators

Concentrated Solar Thermal (CSTs) with single & double axis tracking (including Scheffler Dishes)

Increased conversion from Solar to Thermal heat, higher efficiency and higher ROI are the results with CPC technology.

Currently VCare offers Solar Thermal Plants on EPC Model in following areas -

Solar Steam Generator / Steam Boiler

Solar Space Cooling Using VAM Chillers

Steam Cooking Systems

Power Generation Through CSP

Pre-Heating of Boiler Feed Water Up To 90 Degrees

Solar Hot Water System for Process Industries

VCare has successfully designed, engineered, constructed and installed various solar thermal systems for different applications in India and other countries in Middle East and Africa: