Industry 4.0


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

With 4th industrial revolution already underway, Internet of Things (IoT) shall dominate the businesses in all walks of life. Responding to this trend, VCare has rightly and timely integrated the digitization in its offerings to its forward-looking customers to keep them up-to-date with latest digitization trends and at the same time leverage for them enormous potential of business growth through optimization of available resources.

Problems faced by process industries:

Geographically Diverse Assets

Global Competition

Right Technical Skills at Right Time

Tougher Regulatory Environment

Operated in Different Time-Zones, by People from Different Cultures

Owned and Managed by Multiple Operating Units

VCare's IIoT platform partnered with Vadict Inc. USA helps industries in following ways -

Help industries make smart decisions

Help optimise costs

Improve operational efficiency

Environmentally responsible and sustainable

Following customised / Standardised solutions offer the industries with various possible areas for implementation of IIoT:

Condition Monitoring Suite

Water Management Suite

Sustainability Suite

Energy Management Suite

Smart Power Grid Management Suite


Vadict offers its IIoT platform to following industry segments:

Process Plants & Tank Farms

Fertilizer Plants

Engineering Projects

Power Plants

Waste Water Treatment Plants

OEM's (Original Equipment Manufactures)

Fabrication Projects

Chemical and Agrochemical Plants

Hot Water System Projects


Refineries and Petrochemicals Plants

Steel Industries

Sample Dashboards: